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How Oracle on Oracle delivers value in a hybrid cloud world

What’s Inside?

Hybrid cloud benefits are well understood in terms of scalability, flexibility and offering a true OPEX cost model. Yet adopting a hybrid cloud architecture still raises important questions, trade-offs and complexities for organisations faced with the daunting risks and costs of re-platforming, or those reluctant to give up the stability and predictable upgrade spend profile of the established on-premise vertical stacks that run their mission critical workloads.

This eBook considers these questions and trade-offs from the perspective of the Oracle product set, as an established best-of-breed enterprise database and application vertical. It looks at:

  • The challenges and choices facing enterprises running Oracle estates
  • How Oracle has developed to offer the best of both worlds in terms of cloud integration and best of breed on-premise capability
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and maximize the potential of Oracle deployment in a hybrid cloud world.

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